Additional Options and Features for Portlights

Glass Tint & Privacy Options

  • Clear Glass-Standard
  • Smoked Tint
  • Light Grey Tint
  • Blue Tint
  • Tan Tint
  • Green Tint
  • Privacy-Frosted Glass

SS Handle/Dog Additional Options

  • SS Open Round Handle/Dog
  • SS Open Triangle Handle/Dog
  • SS Knob Handle/Dog

Friction Hinge

  • Most Opening Portlight Models
  • Patented Technology & Design

SS Portlight Chain or Hook

  • All Opening Portlight Models
  • SS Portlight Hook w/Eye
  • SS Portlight Chain w/T Bar

Stay Arms for most Opening Portlights

UV Portlight Screens

Straight or Angled Spigots

Traditional or Modern Trim Ring

Stainless Steel Arced Storm Covers

Off-white Powder-coated or Titanium gold plating over Frame

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  • Option Glass Tint Colors
  • Frosted Glass for Privacy Option
  • SS Handle/Dog 3 additional Styles
  • Friction Hinge Option
  • SS Portlight Chain w/T-Bar or Hook & Eye
  • Stay Arms for most Opening Portlights
  • UV SS Portlight Screens
  • SS Arced Storm Covers
  • Traditional or Modern Trim Ring
  • Off-white Powder-coated or Titanium Gold Plated
  • Straight or Angled Spigots